S.I.S. Program

“Styles Igniting Smiles”

You know that smile you get on your face when you first look in the mirror at the salon and see what a great job the stylist did? You know that confident look and walk you have about you for the first few days? You know how good you feel when someone compliments your new look?

Well that’s what our S.I.S. program is all about. Using styles to spark some smiles and confidence in those young women and adult women that may not have had a lot to smile about lately. Our program will target the women in group homes, drug programs, women’s shelters, etc… We are offering FREE hair services to so many of these women each quarter. We hope by using style to ignite smiles, we can help boost their confidence levels.

If you have an organization that would like to participate or make a donation to this program please call 412-418-9927 and ask for Dana Ramsey.


Looking for a church home?  Check out Macedonia Baptist Church!
Dana’s church that she and some of the stylists proudly attends.
“Let GOD work on your inside, while we work on your outside.”

Meet Dana Ramsey, Salon Owner

Greetings & Salutations!
I'm Dana. Shop owner, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Educator. I have over 28 years in this hair game and our salon is celebrating a decade of success!

They call me the Hair Stylist to the People...
I just make them look like STARS!

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