Get to Know Your Styling Tools

by Dana Ramsey

With fall already in full bloom and winter just around the corner, I decided to share my personal hair care regimen, as well as educate you the consumer, with answers to some questions frequently asked of me.  I will also give some suggestions that will prove to be time and cost effective. In the economic state we’re in right now, we all want to get as much wear out of our styles as possible.

We want tresses like the celebrities, but we don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get them. While some are able to manage with at home care, those numbers are few.  Simply put…. Most times you can tell who’s being maintained professionally and who’s not.  These tips will be useful to the natural (chemical free), relaxed, and extension wearing woman on the go.

LESS IS MORE – If you wear extensions with human hair (install not a factor), the less product you use on the hair the longer the life of the style.  Holding sprays, oils, gels, etc. will weigh your locks down. They will dissipate mobility and create tangling and possibly matting.  Avoid using anything other than very light sheen on a consistent basis.




  • Instead of using curling irons and flats irons every day, try rollers or rods. I use rods in my extensions once a week. I roll on Monday and my hair is usually still bouncing and behaving on Sunday. They come in different sizes and colors for every length of hair there is. From the longest to the shortest, there’s a rod with your name on it! If I’m in need of a quick fix due to humidity or just hectic work week — I plug in my hot rollers. When I wake up, before I get my routine started, I throw them in my hair. I place a large scarf or large bonnet over top and begin. By the time I’m all glammed up, I take my rollers out and voila…. back to bouncing and behaving. *Feel free to use a little setting lotion to create tighter and longer wear styles.
  • On natural hair you can use a rod to achieve any look you’d like. From cascading waves to something Afrocentric. If you’re relaxed you can do the same. The only difference would be to use end papers on wet or damp hair.
  • Roller sets and Rod sets in the salon are extremely healthy for your hair and will be one of your longer lasting techniques used for styling.
  • On extensions, curling irons will get the job done, and will hook up any length. It can’t be too long or too short for the use of a curling iron. However… The continuous use of heat may create a slight smell OR may create a buildup of some sort. On relaxed hair, too much heat from curling irons may indeed compromise the integrity of the hair, ultimately resulting in burning or damage.
  • If you use sponge rollers, be sure to purchase end papers to use with them. Strands of hair usually get intertwined in the material, resulting in massive breakage. The main variable to factor in is, WHAT DOES A SPONGE DO? Absorb. They have a tendency to absorb the natural moisture and luster out of the hair, resulting in dry or brittle locks. So be safe and wrap it up with an end paper.


If a dog is a man’s best friend, surely the flat iron has become a woman’s BFF. :-)

Though there are honestly hundreds of flat irons available for use, I’m just going to share with you a few of them and their purpose, size differences and price range. Hopefully by the time you finish this article, you’ll have changed your mind about your current styling habits and switched into something healthier or more cost effective. Or you may decide which styling tool best suits you. These decisions are not made lightly, so I suggest that you talk it up with your stylist. Try several out until you decide which works best.

The flat iron was created to replace the straightening comb, while achieving the same result with more convenience in one unit. I was not made aware of the flat iron until the mid 90′s. They were not electric when they came out. They were used the same way as your Marcel Irons… in the electric oven. They are two flat metal plates joined by one heat resistant handle. When properly heated, clamp down onto shaft (lightly) and slide downward to tip. Their plate sizes range from ¼ to 3 inches.   Here are several that I’ve used over the years, along with brands and prices. These may vary and as with any consumer item comparison shopping makes the wiser buy.

  • Ceramic Flat Irons – These disperse heat evenly for fast and safe styling. This is the most popular kind used. It seals the cuticle and locks in moisture for smooth shiny tresses.   Brands include Chi, GHD, and Cricket. They range from $25- $200.
    ** ALL prices depend on size and professional settings.
  • Titanium Flat Irons – These plates are exceptionally smooth. My personal favorite brands include BaByliss, Croc, and Keratin Complex. Prices vary from $50-$350.
  • Ionic Flat Irons – These produce negative ions that balance hair by removing any static and frizz. It leaves your tresses with more shine, mobility and just feels softer. Brands include: Solia, and Sedu. They range from $99- $200
  • Tourmaline Flat Irons – Much like Ionic because it too produces negative ions which cause hair to reduce frizz and static, creating a good balance. Brands include: Jose Eber, Nume, and Conair. Prices range from $35-$250.
  • Wet to Dry Flat Irons – These dry and straighten in one motion. ** NOT RECOMMENDED FOR RELAXED HAIR. Works great on curly locks. Brands: BaByliss wet to dry, Remington, and Forma Turbo Power. Prices range from $30- $200.

Flat Iron tips:

1. Never clean with anything abrasive, scrape or scratch your plate.

2. Use lower heat settings on color treated hair and fine or thin hair.

3. The smaller the section you work on, the better results you’ll have.

With the holidays just around the corner hot rollers and flat irons are great gift ideas! Rollers and rods are awesome stocking stuffers. And if you just want to make a change, all of the above can be obtained at a very cost effective rate.

Happy, Healthy, Holiday Hair Blessings to you all!

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