Holiday Hair is Here Again!

How to add a little ZING to that holiday dish called YOU!

By Dana Ramsey,
Owner of Dana’s Styling Salon

Whatever you wanted to do last year but didn’t, do it this time around.  If you never wear color…add a bit. If you’re normally short…add a little length. If you never wear make-up…add a little liner, and a great eyebrow arch takes years off and creates an instant lift.  Have your stylist throw on some eyelashes to add some zing to that holiday dish called you! :-)  

Serve some color on an otherwise plain lip…Holiday plum, irresistible reds, and not just for summertime pink will turn lips into something unforgettable. A beautiful nude lip with a hint of gloss will compliment those fabulous brows & lashes…But be careful.  You don’t want your lips to look as though they’ll slide off of your face (LOL, humor heals).   Remember with gloss, less is more.

A stud earring is always classy, but for the holiday, do something different. Bigger MAY look better. Try a hoop earring. Conservative is cute for the boardroom, but just boring at the holiday get-togethers. Adorn something other than your tree this year.

However, no look is complete without the most important garment of the all…The HAIRDO!

No matter the wardrobe, the body type, race creed or color, the hairdo always adds that extra confidence that pulls it all together.

Glam it up this season ladies…Treat yourself to a few trinkets that make a difference. A rhinestone always takes it up a notch. Have them on hand to add that quick holiday zeal to your look.

My motto is…
you stay ready,
you don’
t have to
get ready!”

Head bands, bows and buttons are really popular this season. Costume jewelry with blinged out rhinestones are sure to grab ones eye. Keep your extensions clean and conditioned as well. Everything about you is an investment and you don’t want to come up short.  Have a safe, blessed and beautiful holiday season!

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