Let the Crutch Go

Beautiful adornments such as ponytails, falls, wigs and lace fronts are just that…Beautiful adornments.  However, for many ethnic women they’ve become crutches. Quick fix replacements for what truly matters.  The investment in one’s self is important.   If a woman’s hair is her crown and glory, many of us are lacking our jewels.  In today’s world we wear many hats, but that is no excuse to abuse ones hair. 

Neglect is most assuredly an abuse. Whether your hair is natural or chemically treated, it requires a maintenance routine. We are natural nurtures, and we take care of everyone but ourselves. I witness all too often women who have worn wigs and ponytails for so long that their own hair has become damaged to the point of no salvaging. You have to cut it all off to start over…True!  There are healthy styles that women can wear with very little maintenance. Our priorities are all over the place.   Instead of going from head to toe, we skip the head and go straight to nails and feet.

Take a minute to exhale….

Maybe set yourself up on a bi-weekly or monthly service plan to have your hair taken care of. Schedule a much needed spa day with you and a friend or simply alone to clear one’s mind. Allow someone to massage your scalp and breathe life back into it.

In most cases the women that I encounter with busy schedules who just can’t find time to get their hair done are the ones who appreciate the task the most once they incorporate it into their schedules.   Take your time and find a stylist into your energy. Every salon and every stylist is not a good fit for every woman. But just like your personal health care provider, you pick your personal hair care provider.  Now begin a wonderful journey into exploring the new you with “no crutch”. Good luck and enjoy the experiences to come.

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