Six Steps to Get the Most from Your Hair Stylist

Six Steps to Get the Most from Your Hair Stylist

You know the feeling – you’ve sat in the chair for three hours when your stylist finally hands you the mirror to view your new do. You’re speechless, breathless, and in a state of shock as you stare back at someone who looks nothing like you imagined. If you’ve had a negative salon experience, take a deep breath before you fire your beautician and pull your hair out. You can have a positive, pleasant outcome every time if you will follow these six easy steps:

1. Be On Time – Make an appointment and keep it. Remember, your stylist is running a business and in business, time is money. Don’t force him or her to bump another client or throw them off schedule simply because you don’t value their time.

2. Communicate – Let your stylist know exactly what your expectations are. Find a photo and make sure your stylist understands the proper method of cut, color, and chemical or natural processing necessary to achieve that particular look. Discuss your styling options based on your particular face shape and structure, hair length, texture and color.

3. Be Realistic – If you want to look like Halle Berry, you need Halle’s genes! Your facial features, shape and skin tone provide a beautiful canvas, but your stylist can only create within the natural properties of that canvas. Have realistic expectations and you’ll be happier with the results.

4. Inform – Prior to any treatment, let your stylist know if you have been experiencing any damage or breakage. Hair that is severely damaged will not respond properly to chemical processing but may require several intensive restorative treatments in the salon before your glamour style can be achieved. Allow your stylist to do a thorough hair assessment and make treatment recommendations, such as deep conditioning, before styling.

5. Be Honest – If you’ve damaged your hair at home, or you’ve been using the wrong hair care products to save a few pennies, be honest with your stylist. Most professionals can spot a “do-it-yourself” client a mile away, so you might as well ‘fess up! If you want beautiful hair and a gorgeous style, allow your stylist to recommend the best product your money can buy and use it faithfully as directed.

6. Show Your Appreciation — A good stylist has spent years perfecting his or her craft and they’re worth every penny. Compliment their work and they will cheerfully give you great service every time. And don’t be afraid to tip. Five or ten, even twenty dollars above the usual fee will ensure that you’ll get extra special treatment every time.

If you’ll follow these six easy steps, your salon experience will be more enjoyable for you and your stylist. You’ll love your hair and your stylist will love serving you!

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